Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

11 September 2010


Pop's Pride

Pop doesn't really have very lucid moments all that often, but he has had two regarding this picture. He loves to pick it up and look at it. He almost always comments, too. "This is a really great picture" or "Aren't these kids cute?"
Though he might not always remember their names or who they are to him, he looks at this picture with affection in his eyes.

P.S. This is a 25-year-old picture of his grandchildren.

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