Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

30 January 2011


I was leaving the movie theatre on Saturday evening. This couple was walking toward their car ahead of me. She was limping along, very slowly, As you can see, he was holding her hand. It looked to me as if he had his hand there so that--just in case--he could catch her if she happened to fall. I thought it was beautiful.
He happened to notice the flash and we began chatting. When I made a comment of how totally rockin' cool it was that he was helping her like he was, he responded with, "Well, after 42 years, I'd better be protecting her."
Well, since I'm very familiar with 42--since I'll be turning 42 this year, I asked her, "So, y'all were married in '69?"
"Nope. It was '68. I guess it is about to be 43."
"I asked only cos I was born in '69 and I just presumed..."
"You could be ours!" she said.
"When in August...?" he asked
"August 1st."
"Ah! We were married August 19th of '68"
"So, I really COULD be yours!"
"Yes, you could" she said and there was a smile in her voice.


My car had been at Beau's house since Saturday. He was fixing the shocks and something else on both rear wheels. It was Friday--nearly a week later--when Marilyn called me to see if I was ready to go pick it up. So, Pop and I and snow hopped into her car and we drove down to Beau's house. He had gone above and beyond.
The dent had been pulled out although I still can't close the trunk. However, I'm so used to not being able to do it that it doesn't really bother me too much. He'd also noticed that I didn't have any hubcaps on the wheels on the driver side. When I went to pick up the car, I noticed that he'd put two Chevrolet hubcaps on my wheels. So, my car is looking pretty good. The bad news? I must have the left CV joint fixed soon. That'll cost another $200.00. Alan says I oughta scrap it, but there is no way I can afford another car at this point. So, I'll be nursing my boy along for a little while longer.

Anyway, the point of this picture. I was on the way home from picking up the car when I noticed how cool the sun was looking. I drove the car up to just the right point of the crossover and snapped this moment.


I was walking back from the mailbox Thursday when I noticed this farmer neighbor of ours trying to drag something (heavy) from where it was with his little red tractor. This is the closest I could get without him knowing I was taking a picture. I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable, so I took this one from behind the tree.


I saw these lights during Bible Class at Buna. I liked the way they reflected on the ceiling. Something about the way it looked really drew me. There was another photo which drew me that night. The preacher was doing the devotional. I noticed his daughter was watching him, transfixed. It was amazing. My fingers itched to get my camera and capture that moment forever. However, there is an unwritten rule about taking photos during Bible Class, so I tamped down the urge. What we have here was just the product of the other thing that drew me that evening.

27 January 2011

Cozy Friends!

If there is an opportunity for Snow White to be in Pop's lap, she takes it. Those two are very close. I can't begin to count how many times I've heard the phrase, "This is Pop's puppy!" Of course, he quickly amends his statement and says, "Well, she is everyone's puppy." They are definitely fast friends.
I'm posting this photo as part of a photo contest which is being held here at The Paper Mama's blog. You might wanna head there and see what some of the other photographers have submitted. :)

26 January 2011

25JAN11-Buna Brave


I tried forever and ever to get a photo of the reflection of the umbrella, but none of them worked until I actually put the umbrella in the shot. :) Here is the finished product!


Sepia, Snow White Sleeping


Wedding of Autumn and Winter



I walked into my room to get something--can't remember what it was--and my eye was immediately drawn to the little lizard trying to hide in my lovely, wonderful curtains (which, by the way, make me very happy!!)
What I thought was funny was that a) he was trying to hide in very colorful curtains, and b) he was smart enough to choose the green! Smart little lizard!


I know I've already done a photo for 19JAN11. I took it early in the a.m.; however, and there was plenty of room for more pictures. On the way to--or maybe from--Wednesday evening Bible class, I took these two.

The tiny, tiny moon in a big, big night sky.

I don't remember what I was driving past when I took this shot, but these accidental blurry shots always make me happy for some reason. :)

21 January 2011

Galveston Morning

I took a mini-trip to Galveston last week-end, as many of y'all know. It was wonderful in many ways. One was the 40-minute walk I took on the beach Saturday morning.

I took it mostly cos some ridiculous company TEXTED me an advertisement telling me that something they sell--which I don't even use--was on sale that day. I received the text at 7:03 a.m. on a Saturday on my day off. What? Who makes what is--in essence--a telemarketing call at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday? NOT COOL!!
I am now going to digress for a few keystrokes to give a lecture ala Paul and Candy Ford. I don't care if it is a telephone call or a text. If it isn't an emergency, you DO NOT CALL before 9:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. The exceptions to this rule is if you are best friends or family members and you have a previously-made appointment which allows it. No calling and no texting (cos--you know--a text make sounds when it comes to your phone, thereby alerting--or awakening--people of its arrival. It is DEFINITELY against the rules for any company wanting money to call before or after these times. Totally UNCOOL!! O.K. back to the regularly scheduled program. Be glad I didn't decide to give the lecture on identifying yourself properly when calling! Or on requesting a phone conference with a member of the household properly. This might have gone on a bit longer! ;-P (I'm kidding, I agree with P & C Ford COMPLETELY on this issue.)

So, the unknown company texted me and I was unable to go back to sleep. I decided to get dressed, grab my camera, and go for as long a walk as I could on the beach. The walk ended up being only 40 minutes cos I had an appointment at 10:30, but it was lovely. I took several videos, too, but somehow I must have accidentally erased them when they got to my computer cos they are gone. :( But I did manage to save the pictures.

The first picture is the first one I saw when I walked out of the hotel Saturday morning. Beautiful, yeah? The second one is exactly what it looks like: a candle. I had actually already passed another candle exactly the same as this one before I saw the one pictured. I thought it was really interesting that a pair of candles had washed ashore around the same place. I'm supposing that someone had recently had a romantic beach dinner and this debris was its product. I thought it was kinda cool.

The third photo is one taken of my hotel from the beach. Not very exciting, but my creative brain thought it needed to be done at the time. And the last one was one I took about 8:00 a.m. Isn't it amazing how bright and tall in the sky the sun was at that time? Beautiful sight!

19 January 2011


Fog Day



I don't know much about this family, except that they greeted each other effusively outside of the DQ. The man in the middle with the grey hair is Dave, I believe. He will be having his 61st birthday at the end of this month. I know this fact because he mentioned it several times while I was there. His family always responded happily and in an excited manner. They were just so cute! :)



This is a photo of Tipper (duh!), but what is unique about it is that I used the editing software to play around with how I can make the photos look differently. I colorized Tipper with a maroon-ish sort of color. How do you think it turned out? What other colors should I have used instead? Opinions people, Please. :)

Winter Day 10JAN11

An avenue of trees

an interesting looking tree trunk

An arbor at that park on Dowlen. It'd be nice to have a picnic or a wedding or any number of things beneath its branches, though maybe ya oughta wait until there are leaves on the tree!

17 January 2011



All the new houses built on Galveston and over at Bolivar Point have to be built a certain number of feet high. I dunno what the number is; however, I like these houses cos they are THREE stories high before they even become a house! Didja notice that they have porch kinda place in the space that would usually be the 2nd floor? For some reason, I think that is really interesting and kinda cool.




I was trying to take a picture of the flag through the rain-sprinkled windshield. Well, they took the flag down and all I got was the lights from the car ahead of me on the ferry.


My favorite puppy, Tipper, already settled in her little housie for beddie-bye. :) I love Tipper!


I'm still learning, so please forgive when I make mistakes. I was trying to work at the type of photo wherein you use the zoom to focus on something in the background, thereby making whatever is in the foreground blurry. Clearly, it didn't work very well, so I might need to read a bit more. Also, they were only about five or six feet apart, so maybe that was the deal?

11 January 2011



Since it was cold and cloudy, I could see the steam coming out of the hospital's maintenance building. The opposites in colors struck me as very beautiful!

09 January 2011


Today--once again--I had to make the photo of the day more than one photo. It had rained most of the night and morning, so on the way home from worship, I noticed that--thought the rain had stopped--the wind was still going strong. I passed by the HUGE flag on the way home and noticed it was whipping around like crazy. So, I turned around, got right underneath it and took several photos. It was really hard to choose which one, so y'all have four!


The sky and clouds were so amazing when I walked out of the bookstore last night. I just had to take several photos; therefore, the photo of the day is several photos of the day, if you don't mind. ;-P

07 January 2011


What a beautiful sky! and it was sitting there--just outside of Pop's house--waiting for us to enjoy it! Ahhhhh, life is good!

06 January 2011


Pop and I met this little boy this afternoon at the Dairy Queen. I can't remember his name, but I do remember that I started with a "C."
He actually came into the store with a bucket on his head. His dad called him "bucket-head" which made me laugh. He also called him "weird" which made me frown. I think there had to be a more creatively positive euphemism for "weird." I wonder if his parents realize that kids listen to what their parents say and remember what their parents say about them. Parental words can stick with a person long into adulthood.
frown, frown, frown.
but on the other hand, "C" sure was cute with a bucket on his head!

05 January 2011


This is a photo of one of the outbuildings on Pop's property. It is good I took this picture now in the winter cos in the summer when all the trees are huge with leaves, that little storage cabin can barely be seen from this far away.


Oftentimes, the pictures I take do not turn out the way I envision them. This is one of those types of pictures. Sometimes, however, they turn out pretty cool anyway. This is ALSO one of those types of pictures.
I saw this really old Ford truck in the Walmart parking lot. I love how the lights were all blurry!


03 January 2011


I didn't mean for this picture to turn out this way. As I was approaching this scene, I saw some fireworks go off and I thought it would make a pretty picture if I could capture the colorful lights. None went off; however, so I just decided to take a picture of the stand. I didn't realize that the lights would 'move' as they did, but--in the end--it made for a pretty cool photo. By the way, the lights were very much like a Christmas light strand hung on the large area surrounding the fireworks stand.
On the upper right hand side of the photo, you might noticed the paws and part of the nose on the stuffed hippopatamus which sits on my dashboard. It was a gift from my friend Davis Lane who happens to be one of my favorite red-heads on the whole planet! :)