Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

29 November 2010


I actually harvested something--other than herbs--from my garden! YAY! I know it is so odd to be so super excited about those two kinda small green peppers, but I'm very happy to have helped make food. I realize that it was 99.999 God's work, but I'm proud of my .001% of the final product! By the way, they were yummy!

28 November 2010


The sky as I left the church building after worship this morning.


On the way home from Aunt Nona's house, I saw this beautiful lake. I thought the sun shimmering on the water was just lovely. Of course, it doesn't look as cool as it looked through my eyes, but it is still pretty cool!

Lawn mower, storage shed, and haze from someone burning trash nearby. It just looked like a picture, ya know?

25NOV10 b

I love this huge tree in Aunt Nona's front yard, especially all the negative space.


The sun setting on Thanksgiving Evening. :)

24 November 2010


I love these beach trees. They always make me happy. I saw them as I was leaving the Rehab center where June is staying. Seeing them yesterday--especially cos the skies were so blue and the clouds were so white--made me feel like I was sitting at the beach--my toes in the sand, the ocean wind blowing gently on my face--relaxing and soaking up the sun's soothing rays! Ahhhhhhh!

22 November 2010


I love pumpkins and other autumn-ey stuff. :) This one is on our porch. I thought it needed to appear on a blog somewhere, so--VOILA!!


here was an accidental shot whilst I was playing with Tipper!


Sailor's Delight!


Pop and I took a ride after our DQ date. I love this bit of pasture. Notice the tiny little moon up in the sky? It is just right of center above two posts right next to each other. One is lighter and one is darker.


I love this "in action" shot of Pop's grandson, Phillip, and Snow White playing catch.

19 November 2010


A few months ago I saw this beautiful tree planted outside the Jack-in-the-Box in Silsbee. It was dusk and the sky and everything about the world had that special look and feel that twilight brings. The tree looks really cool, so I took a picture of it. I can't find the picture in my computer's photo album, but if I could, you'd see that tree was full of lovely green leaves and it was just a beautiful sight at that exact moment.
Last night--whilst waiting for the HP7 movie to begin, I stopped there to eat and read a bit. I saw the tree as I walked in and the stark difference between the two were so amazing. Winter definitely is on its way to South East Texas.

17 November 2010


Myra--right before we began Bible class. Isn't she gorgeous? Even better than that--she has such a sweet heart.

14 November 2010

14NOV10: Sunday Drive

South East Texicana

This place on Hwy 96 caught my attention this morning. There is something just country about it--what with the old tractor being used as a flag holder, the beat-up truck in the background, some sort of broken down wagon at the back left and the "Beware of the dog" sign hanging on the fence.
Also, I noticed when I posted it that the picture looks a little smaller than I thought it would. Click on it and it may open up onto its own screen, thereby allowing you a more detailed look--if you so desire, that is!
Another thing I like--though you do have to click to notice it--is how the confederate flag is all wrapped around the pole and tattered, but the American flag is not. I know it wasn't purposeful on the part of the owner of the flags, but it is cool, nonetheless.


Shelby and Kayleigh were playing leap frog this morning after worship. So cute! I was amazed to be able to catch them in mid-jump.


I went to Aurora Coldwater's birthday party on Saturday and had a lot of fun taking pictures of everyone having a great time. I love this one of all the kids digging into the candy that came out of the pinata. :)

11 November 2010


This is Rossi. :) He is the guitar I bought last week. I'm enjoying learning how to play. Speaking of learning: Is anyone in S.E. Texas willing to give lessons? I prolly need a little guidance. I can only learn so much from a book, ya know? I've been practicing a few of the chords this last week; however, today, I actually learned the single notes, and I played a song. It was played very slowly and prolly completely out of time, but hey--a start is a start, yeah? YAY for me and Rossi! :)

08 November 2010


Snow pouting cos Pop got up from his place beside her. Poor puppy girl.

05 November 2010


My newest beautiful thing, although this one won't just hang on a wall. I'll be learning to play it. I ordered it Tuesday and it was delivered today. Every night since--and including--Tuesday night, I've been learning some guitar music theory and "practicing" the way my fingers need to go to make certain notes, etc. I had no clue! It is super hard to put your fingers in all the right positions, yeah? Super HARD!

But I'll get it eventually. Practice makes...well...err...better, anyway! :)

04 November 2010


I liked how this turned out, although it required absolutely no skill to get it--unless holding a camera requires some skill. :)
Obviously, I took it from inside my car because you can see the windshield wiper and dirt spots on the front glass. I really need to fix the windshield wiper fluid container and replace the wipers. I like how the sun flare totally takes away anything on the left side of the photo. I think it looks kinda cool!

03 November 2010

03NOV10 What Plants are these?

It rained and rained the last couple of days and this afternoon when I left the house, I noticed the rain drops on the lettuce leaves I recently bought and transplanted.
I'm really wondering what kind of lettuces these are. Can anyone help?

02 November 2010

Storm's a comin'

On the way to Tuesday morning Bible class this morning, I noticed the movement of the weather. After these storms traveled so that they were right on top of each other, the weather got much cooler. These pictures are capturing the coming together of the pieces of weather which brought the cool weather. How cool is THAT? :-)


This is another accidental shot. I had my phone in my hand and I was turning over the tag to see what the price is for this huge wind-chime at the Ace Hardware. It was making beautiful noise and I desperately wanted it for our porch here at the house. Alas! It was $ 270. That isn't gonna happen for a long while. Anyway, as I was looking for the price, I accidentally took a picture of the wind-chimes from the bottom looking upward. It looked so cool that I had to make it the picture of the day!

01 November 2010


The first thing I saw when I opened the windows this morning was this very foggy view. So Beautiful!! At first, I thought that it was a perfect start to the day of the dead, but then I looked everything up and realized that THAT day isn't until tomorrow. But, I guess it was a good ending to the Halloween season. It stayed cloudy most of the day. My poor plants didn't get much sun! However, they did get a LOT of water since it poured twice today.

Interesting things I saw around Waco yesterday

I was driving south on 6 away from Waco and I noticed this vehicle passing me on the right. A really old-timey looking trailer. I wonder if it really is old-timey or if it was just designed to look that way?

I was driving whilst taking this picture of this river in Waco. I didn't mean for it to turn out this way cos the shot of the other side of the river turned out just fine. However, it does look kinda neat despite the mistake in its making.

I saw another thing on the way home--too late. I was bummed about it, too. It was a cow walking down the highway on the shoulder--happy as you please. After I passed it, I looked for a torn down fence, but saw none. Did it lift the latch and escape out the gate door? Or jump over the fence as her bovine fellow jumped over the moon? ;-P