Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

31 October 2010


On my way to worship where the husband of my best friend--Heather--preaches, I passed over this river in Waco. It was 8:00 a.m. and the streets were empty, so I stopped to take this picture of the day's early sun. I took it through the car window, so it isn't the best quality ever, but I love the way it looks.


During Lillie's 2nd birthday party, Nat started playing and singing his guitar. Mostly, they were country songs. I can't remember the song Nat was singing when I took this photo, but I just thought it was so beautiful--the interaction between Father and Daughter.

30 October 2010

28 October 2010



Hey, I finally learned how to do sepia! YAY!

Pop and I were taking a drive after our Thursday afternoon "dinner date" at DQ. We passed by this old building. I think it used to be a gas station, but I'm not sure since I've only lived here for 5 1/2 months.
Though you can't see them, there are two other yellow bulldozers parked in the parking lot. It is clear that very soon that old building will be razed and--perhaps--another building raised in its place. I wonder what it will be?


YAY! Something is growing! It is teeny-tiny, as you can tell since you can see my hand for comparison. The pepper is no bigger than one of the phalanges on my hand. Hopefully--soon--it'll get bigger and capable of being eaten. I'll have to figure out some great recipe that involves peppers so I can write about that recipe AND my first edible green (or whatever color it is supposed to end up being) pepper!

I'm so excited! However, I'm not excited about the black growth at the stems. I haven't gotten a response from that post. Does NO ONE know what that stuff is?

Nonetheless, I'm still excited because I have proof that it is possible I can grow things which are edible! YAY! And if you have any green pepper recipes, be sure to send 'em my way!

love y'all,

Loralee :)

26 October 2010


A family-owned nursery in Lumberton. Even in late October, the flowers are just so beautiful!

25 October 2010

Just for the Green Greek

My friend, The Green Greek, posts a yellow picture every Monday. Today--Monday--when I was out in the field in front of Pop's house, I saw this yellow flower standing there all by itself and I thought of my friend and took this picture. :)


This picture was taken out in the front "pasture" this afternoon. It was looking out over the fence facing the railroad tracks. The yellow flowers caught my eye--as usual.
I don't have a decent zoom, or this might have looked better. I guess one of these days I'll have to break down and get a real camera instead of always using this camera phone!

24OCT10: Extras

These flowers outside the Sonic in town have always caught my eye. Yesterday morning, while I waited for my order, I took a few shots.

I love how some of the field is still in shadow in these two pictures. It brings a little something to them to me. and a question for the photographers: What is it called when you kinda focus or layer or make sure something is in the picture even if you don't make it the focal point?

A bee buzzing about blissfully!

A purty leaf! What a beautiful red!

Two trees: one with purty leaves and one with purty flowers.

have a ever mentioned that yellow flowers are my favorite? Just to see some makes me very happy. Kinda like when I hear windchimes it makes me feel peaceful, yeah?

24 October 2010


This picture is today's favorite. It looks like you could just walk right into the picture and start exploring. Y'all know how I always love pictures that have that ability. Additionally, I know exactly where this picture would show up: It is on the land where the church building sits. If I COULD just jump into the picture and start exploring, it WOULD lessen my commute time to worship! Click on the picture so you can see it in better detail!

23 October 2010


So, this is my favorite for today. Obviously, there is no reason to explain why it is my fave. It is such a cool picture! It was not manipulated--at least not purposefully. Here is what happened:
I was at our Autumn Bash at the church building tonight. I was at the jumpy house with Pike and a young girl I'd never met before tonight. I believe she may be a member at Warren. There were several people from Warren there tonight.
So, I had just taken a picture of some kids in the jumpy house when I noticed Pike and the young girl kicking a soccer ball back and forth between them. For whatever reason, I decided to get an impromptu game of soccer going, so I ran up to them--the phone still in my right hand--and got possession of the ball with my feet. The three of us began playing together--well, mostly I was running with it and they were chasing me. It was kind of like a soccer-ball version of keep away, yeah?
So, as we were running, I heard my camera click a few times. I was sure that the pictures would be useless because I thought the camera was facing the grass, so what picture would it be taking, really?? However, as you can see, since I was pumping my arms whilst running, the movement of the camera during the "snap" portion of the picture made the image move and--Voila!
Below it is a picture of the tree the way it ought to be seen when you aren't playing soccer while taking its portrait!

22 October 2010

22OCT10: Extras


Sharon came over to take Pop out to lunch, so I had some time off. I tried to go vote, but the polling place I was sent to was only for school board voting. I'll have to look up the other place and go early voting tomorrow. So I went to Ace to buy some new reading glasses. They have them for SUPER cheap and they look pretty cool, too. Plus--strangely for a hardware store--they always have a ton of girls working there so I can borrow them for "shopping girlfriends." That way, I have other girls to help me choose which glasses I want to get, yeah?

Afterwards, over to subway, where I had fun entertaining the gal--Brittany--who made my sandwich. On the way back home, I saw these flowers on the side of the road, so I stopped to take a few pictures. I think there were some bitey type bugs in the grass though cos my ankles are all itchey now. :(

Ahhh well, the price you pay to do what you wann do, yeah?

21 October 2010

21OCT10: Extras

I wanted to show both so I could ask a question. The one which is DARKER is the original. I like the dark clouds in the original, but its darkness continues on into the carport area. I am unable to see any of the neat detail in the wood of the carport and the the tree and yard area just to the left of it. I used the "brighten" function on the other one and it works to bring detail to the carport and the area to its left; however, it lightens TOO much the cloudy area above. Is there anything I can do to make both areas work the way I want them to do, or is it a lost cause and I'll just have to choose whichever area I want detailed best?
and--for those of you who aren't knowledgeable about fixing pictures and just like to look at them--which one is more aesthetically pleasing?


We took this photo on a dead-end road during our "after DQ Thursday Afternoon Date" drive today. Cloudy skies sure make for pretty pictures, yeah?

20 October 2010


There was a storm coming and it just really contrasted with the flowers and trees beautifully. I love this shot and the other one in that two-shot series, but this first one just really resonated with me.

The runner up:

19 October 2010

19OCT10: Extras

This view is one I pass several times a week. It always draws me--every time. This morning, I finally stopped to try to capture it. I'm not sure I succeeded as I wished to do, but oh well! As I was taking the shop, the owner of the land drove in from the crossroads. He got out of his truck smiling and when I was telling him about how his property had always intrigued me, he seemed surprised. He thought I was taking a picture of his barbecue pit. It is a really big, fancy-looking one, for sure. But DEFINITELY not what I was coming to see. I like the aluminum barn and the tall trees and the piles of chopped wood.

Lots of pretty pictures of clouds today. This one reminds me of a row of air hangers on Randolph Air Force Base for some reason. However, it also reminds me--oddly--of the opening credits in movies made by a certain studio. I can't remember which studio, but one of 'em anyway.

The previous three were taken outside of the Hollywood Theatre in Beaumont. The trees look all Miami-ish and with the clouds, I was reminded of the days at at the beach we used to spend when we lived in Florida.

An old mill or something in between Lumberton and Silsbee.

Behind the Farmer's Market just past Silsbee. I've always seen the farmer's market, but had never noticed the hay rolls or the horsie.


For some reason, the picture is really small. However, it is still my favorite one of the day. I saw it just after I pulled over to take some pictures of some beautiful yellow flowers which sit just to the left of this photo. I love the darker colors of the brick and the green shutters and door. The house itself makes me think of a small British cottage. In my imagination, the cottage has been there for generations, and--at the time the photo was taken--its owners are out hunting in proper British hunting jackets and jodphurs and round-shaped caps. They are riding jumping horses and several dogs running ahead of them, barking and flushing out covies of doves or packs of foxes or something.. At least that is what my imagination said to me when I first saw the house.
I love the vines growing up in the corner by the side door. There is green growing down from the window, also. On the porch to the left, there was a small container garden. Being as I'm a container gardener, seeing it made me happy. The coolest part of the picture--at least to me--is the "spatter" rainbow on the far left. Dunno how that occurred, but it sure was neat, yeah?