Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

18 December 2011


This was taken with 'night mode' outside of the Lowe's in Beaumont. Beautiful, yeah? Have I ever told you I love Autumn? ;-P


These colors made me so happy! Autumn is really such a fantastic season! <3


I couldn't decide which photo should be THE photo of the day today, so I included both of them. The one with Pop felt very 'Abbey Road' to me. Dunno quite why, but that is what screamed at me when I saw the end product.
Also, I love how--in the second shot--the blinds changed color a bit in the photograph. They are much more off-white in real life. And--of course--I love the Autumn trees in our yard!


On the way home from Bible Class, I realized that I hadn't taken my daily photo yet. I began to look around for something interesting. I took a few photos of the town's Christmas decorations, but they just didn't turn out right. Plus, it was sprinkling a bit. :( I turned in to a parking lot to try to get a better shot of the decorations, but then I saw the flag right next to the fire hall whipping in the wind. I've always been a huge fan of the American flag, so I took a few shots. Of the four that I took, this one ended up being the best one. I chose it cos of the composition--the way things lined up with each other. What is strange is that I never tried to do a good composition or anything. I just wanted to get a neat shot of the flag, but the tree in the background ended up 'shining' and it made the photograph more interesting.

Hey, am I talking too much? Oh--and I wonder how this shot would have turned out if I'd used the 'night' feature. Would the tree have showed up better?

14 December 2011


It stayed foggy all day.  This photo was taken after noon!  There was such a nice symmetry/pattern to these foggy power lines!  Nature--even in the form of yucky weather--always fascinates me.  This photo was taken on the south side of Houston, by the way.


Snow White playing with a pine cone!

11 December 2011


I'm really impressed by the two congregations in Silsbee.  Recently, they have been in talks to see if they can merge.  This morning, they--and I--worshiped together at the Southside congregation.  I met plenty of people whom I'd never met before today, several of whom are pictured below.  Don't they just look wholesome?


This set of trees is just outside of Rosharon.  They just really drew me.  The pattern they are set in are interesting.


Pop and his brothers.  They came to visit him within 20 minutes of each other on Friday.  Pop really seemed happy  to visit with brothers.
Pop and Corbett by the tree.  Corbett brought us some tiny oranges! YUM!

Wilburn and his wife, Helen Ruth came to visit, also.


The clouds above my cold-weather photo project tree are purty, yeah?
P.S  Click on the photo to see more detail of the clouds.


It is amazing how different photos can be when you take away or add in some flash!


Tuesday, I stopped in at one of my new favorite restaurants--Humphries, in Dayton--and had a delicious cup of potato soup and eat a 1/2 roast beef (with jalapeno bread) sandwich with au jus.   Anyway, I had the whole restaurant to myself--the entire time!
After I enjoyed my delicious meal, I decided to try to take a few pictures here in the restaurant.  I was working the entire day and didn't get a chance to take a photo outside with my new camera.  Thankfully, the chef--on his way out to a break--agreed to be a part of this experiment.   I have seen really neat photographs taken in a reflective surface and wanted to try my hand at this type of photograph.  It doesn't seem like it turned out just right.  If you have any experience, give me some hints, please?

The photo below is my favorite of the day.   I like how--because of the flashing red open sign outside the window--this wall seems kinda Christmas-y.

Yes, I do have a little bit of a romantic heart. I've never really thought in detail about what time of year I'd like to get married; however, I do not I'd prefer it be cooler than, say the middle of summer. When I saw this arbor at the 'door' between Humphries and the neighboring gift store, I thought it looked so lovely. I had to take a photo! Then I thought it'd be a pretty cool way to decorate a 'wedding arbor', if you happen to be getting married during the Christmas season. I, personally, would get rid of the gold ornaments, though, and replace them with some other Christmas-y color, say metallic blue? I'm not a fan of gold, really. I might even get rid of the red and replace it with maroon. Anyway, I liked this arbor a ton. What do you think?

05 December 2011

05DEC11--You know Dasher and Dancer

Two Sunsets

I found these two photographs very interesting.  They are taken of the exact same location, approximately one minute apart.  The first one was taken with a flash.  When I saw how dark it was, I turned off the flash and took the bottom one which came out looking like what I saw when I took the camera off my eye.  To me, it is very interesting that the flash--which is supposed to make things brighter--made this photo darker.
Anyone have an explanation for it?

04 December 2011


Today is just gorgeous.  It rained like crazy the first half of the day and--now--the rain is gone except for a few sprinkles here and there.  What is left, however, is these lovely dark clouds which will probably bring us some more rain--we really still need a ton.
I happen to really love cloudy, cool days.  In the Autumn especially, they make for such a lovely view.  I couldn't help heading outside late this afternoon to take several shots of the landscape around our house.  I know that the first photograph is the same focus as the two I took and posted earlier today, but the look of this photo versus the other two is completely different.  
For whatever reason, the monochromatic grays in storm clouds against the colors of Autumn leaves (or really even the regular old green of Spring and Summer) just looks like the most gorgeous picture that ever could be.   I can't help wanting to photograph this kind of beauty.   

This one was effort on my part of accomplish a certain kind of look.  I think, perhaps, I failed.  I liked the vertical lines of the porch and tried to "frame" that little orange tree with the columns and make the space between the columns equi-distant.   That wasn't really possible if I wanted the whole tree to be between any of the columns.  I wanted to add the porch swing which Pop's grandson made for him, but I'm not sure the photograph is balanced.  Any thoughts?

This would have been great if I had noticed that white truck was there and waited a few seconds! All those different colors make me so happy.  Check out those grays against the greens?  Lovely, yeah?

Two Trees

I went outside this morning to put the dog out--she wouldn't go cos of the rain. While outside, though, I noticed that the rain made everything kinda pretty, so I decided to take a photograph. The photos are in chronological order. I thought that the second one was a more balanced photograph and more interesting because of the rain puddles and the fact that there was more to see cos I was standing further back and bending down to get more into the photo. As most of you know, I am just a beginner in the art of photography, so any insight, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or praise would be welcome!
Which photo do you think is better and why? <3

04DEC11 Oh, Christmas Tree!

Here is our Christmas Tree, put up last week by Pop's son. What a grand job he did! <3

03 December 2011


Well, I upgraded my camera y'all. Remember that Kodak Easy Share I got last year for Christmas from Pop? It died Tuesday. :( So, I had to invest in another camera. I could have just gotten another point and shoot, but I figured that every new camera should be an upgrade until I get the one that I am happy to have without wanting to upgrade. Make sense? I'm not even sure it does to me, but we'll move onward. I still don't even know what in the world I'm doing, but I figure I've got enough down to be able to take a picture. This one is the first one I took after I formatted the camera/memory card. I was eating McDonald's so I hopped out the back door which heads out to the playground and took this one while there was still light out. Not award-winning, I know, but it works for a first photo. :) Oh, I guess I should tell y'all which kind of camera I got--It is a Canon EOS Rebel T3. Does anyone know what EOS means? ;-P

29 November 2011

20 November 2011

Experiment # 1-Megapixels

I'm trying to learn a few things about photography. Thanks to my nephew, Sam, I discovered some of the little details of my Kodak Easy Share. For example, I can take pictures which are 1 MP, 2 MP, 3 MP, 6 .MP, 9 MP, 11 MP, and 12 MP. I decided to do an experiment. I took a photograph of the same item, in all 7 varying sizes and will post them so that I--and you, if it interests you--can see what the difference is between each size. One thing I discovered is that each size can be different in regard to its 'shape.' For example, 2 MP and 9 Mp hold a 16 X 9 (I think?) shape and the rest hold some slight variation of a 4 X 3 shape. Those two more rectangular shaped photos have the bottom of the flower wreath cut off whereas the other photos seem to have been taken from further back. The fact is that the camera was held in exactly the same position for each photo. Clearly, I have no clue as to WHY these changes occur, but they sure are interesting. The next order of business is just to look at the photos and see if we can tell a difference in quality of the photos in reference to their size. If you have any comments or bits of wisdom, don't hesitate to pass 'em along, y'all!

12 MP

11 MP

9 mp

6 MP

3 MP

2 MP

1 MP

Jumping Beans

Pike and Aurora jumping down the middle aisle.

16 November 2011


I was at the car mechanic shop yesterday. I had to wait there for them to finish the car cos the shop is 40 minutes away. I brought some knitting to do and was sitting out on his back porch, knitting away. That area of Jasper has some really prettily colored trees. For some reason, I was drawn to this set up--a large, black, cold piece of human technology in the foreground with all the natural, simply, God-made beauty in the background.

12 November 2011

Back online

So, I can finally access my blogspot again! Here are some photos I took one foggy morning during the time my photoblog was down. It is certainly beautiful here in the trees when it is foggy outside! :)

19 September 2011

My favorite guitar teacher ever!

This is Skylar, my guitar teacher. He is 19 and just graduated from high school.  He has been playing guitar for 7 years.  He has been teaching me a lot.  And--if anyone in this area wants to learn to play--I highly recommend him.  Get in touch with me and I'll give you his number!

Late August/Early September

The last month has been kind of crazy. I have barely written a thing.  I've taken few pictures and definitely not one a day as I had planned to do.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm ever going to get around to taking a picture a day for any long period of time!
So, I decided to upload--onto one post--the photos I have taken for the last month or so.  The majority of these were taken in September.
For example, the first photo--a close-up of a thermometer--was taken during the first full week in September when we had that lovely little cold snap which I think was brought to us courtesy of Tropical Storm Lee.
The next three photos are the left-overs from the photos I took on 20AUG11.  I picked what I thought was the best one and posted it, but it was a very hard choice cos they were all really cute.  These were rejected as 'photo of the day' mostly because they were blurry.  As you can see; however, they are adorable shots of Aurora and Pike.  I love the fun they are having.  Each time I look at these photos, I chuckle to myself.  I love the hand gestures and the facial expressions and the almost-ever-present tongues sticking out.  They are wonderful and fun kiddos!  I really enjoy spending time with them!

When I see something I like, I often roll down the driver's side window and snap a shot off just in time to see the light ahead of me turn green.  
Even though I really do not enjoy the humidity that lives here in South East Texas, the same can not be said of the beach.   They have the same conditions but since I'm at the beach, I don't notice the nasty humity as much as I do when I am away from the beach.   It is prolly the color scheme which is reminding me of the beach.  Whatever the case may be--when I saw this building, I wanted to capture it.
These two shots were also taken around the time that Tropical Storm Lee was visiting.  The skies were overcast for several days and the phone poles were bedecked with flags commemorating Labor Day and the 10th anniversary of September 11th.    I loved catching them in movement.  The American flag shouldn't be sitting around doing nothing!  She must move, be active, be vigilant!  

One of my favorite things about South East Texas--for me--are the huge number of trucks hauling hay and timber.   I cannot begin to tell you why they appeal to me, but piles of bark-brown tree trunks and stacks of wheat-colored hay always catch my attention.  I want to watch them 'til they disappear from sight.   Oddly--to me--there is just something beautiful about them.

I LOVE the produce section in a grocery store!  Dunno why, really.  I just do.  There is something about the neatly merchandized, multi-colored rows of fruit and vegetables that make me happy!
Pop on the front porch pettingg 'Pop's Puppy', aka Snow White.

A 'worm's eye' view of Pop on the Porch!
A sun-set sun-flare!
Photos of three different days at the same time and at the same spot on the porch.

 I got to meet my beautiful friend, Rachel, at 3 Guys and a Burger in Baytown one evening after a doctor's appointment in Houston.  We had such fun catching up.  I wish we could spend  more time together since we are so close.  She is WONDERFUL!

This photos turned out this way quite by accident.  I was trying to take a picture of Snow White when Pop reached down to pet her.  His fingers ended up in the picture!