Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

29 April 2012


This shot just presented itself to me, almost as if it wanted me to capture the  moment! <3


I was just drawn to this photo of family togetherness.  I used my new telephoto lens to get this photo. :)


I was in Baytown last Tuesday and found all these different pieces of Fiesta-ware.  I always try to find different colors from the ones I already have.  My goal is to--eventually--have a full set of plates, cups, servings dishes, etc., all of it Fiesta!

27 April 2012


I can't decide which photo should be photo of the day for Thursday, 26APR12.  I'm going to post both of them and y'all get to decide which one should win.  Everyone who votes for the winning one will win a free 4 X 6 print of that photo.   The voting ends at 5 p.m. Sunday, 29APR12.  Vote by leaving a comment in the comment box below!
Here are the photos:

25 April 2012


I took these photos yesterday on my way home from the VA hospital in Houston.  I always try to stop at this wonderful restaurant called HUMPHRIES to eat on my way home. It is very cozy, has great food and the service is very personal.   I always feel like I am a VIP when I am there.  Rachel, my waitress, is an amazing find in regard to waitress-hood!  She deserves a medal.  Anyway, the business is just a year old and is struggling a bit.  I'm guessing the struggle is because of the economy or something.  I'd just like to encourage any and all who travel through Dayton to stop by Humphries and grab a bit.  They have sandwiches, soups, salads and great desserts.  I recommend the peppered roast sandwich and the potato soup!  Their iced tea is also fabulous. 

Anyway, on to the photos.  Just behind their restaurant (which is just behind THE VINEYARD, by the way) there is an old grain elevator which is in serious disrepair and is scheduled to be torn down soon. When Mr. Humphries told me of the demolition plans, I decided that I needed to take some photos of it so that there is a record of the place.  I thought it was really beautiful for some reason.   I can't even tell you why or promise you that these photos are fantastic.    I just know that I felt this overwhelming nostalgia for a bygone era when everyone is town worked there and a man's word was true and people worked hard to make their world a better place, even if it was hoeing and planting and harvesting the grain to feed the people who lived in the town.   

Superannuated # 8

 Superannuated # 9

She still stands, even in death.

23 April 2012


worm's eye view of the old theatre in downtown Baytown.

You know...what is weird?

Other than my facebook friends who arrive on this photo-blog via a link I share onto Facebook, the only people who visit this blog are people who googled something akin to "photos of the denver airport."   I took those photos with my cameraphone back in the Autumn of 2010 when I went to Denver to see my cousin, Samantha, get married.
How weird is that?

20 April 2012


I thought this photo was gorgeous! I love how you can see that the back, fuzzy flower is the same kind that you can see clearly in the foreground.  How did I do that?


The sweet peas are blooming!  Really quickly, too! 5 Days!!


Momma Birdie had a green worm in her mouth, ready to give to her babies.  She was taking her time getting to the nest, though. She changed her location about 8 times during this particular journey to her nest.  That is one amazing Momma Birdie.  Very determined and hard working!
By the way, she is sitting on my American flag wind sock!  She is clearly a patriotic bird! <3


My new hibiscus plant.


This is a photo representation of the appetite of a 13-year-old boy. <3


The nest is at such an odd angle that I can't get really good photos of the babies, but here is one of one of the three babies begging for some food!


Momma Birdie taking a break

19 April 2012


Taking photos of my new hibiscus on dark mode and in the dark!  I think it is fascinating how the camera shakes sometimes when I take photos in dark mode.


I just love the flag.  I found this wind chime for $ 3 and HAD to have it.  It has such a pretty sound in the wind which we seem to have a lot of lately.


Pop and I sitting on the carport and enjoying the fresh air!


Feed me, Momma!



This one was taken on the day I first noticed the nest.  Those five little perfect eggs were just sitting there awaiting hatching.  This was a Friday and by Sunday afternoon, the three little birdies were born and hollering for food from their Momma Birdie.  The eggs are just beautiful with those brown/bronze specks.  Are the specks there for camouflage purposes, ya think?
If you're wondering what the green stuff is--you'll be surprised to learn that Momma Birdie made her nest in our Christmas wreath which hangs by the front door!


Some of my people~I love me some Mary, Tessa, and Lou Ann!


I loved the color of the leaves in this tree.  Mary and I passed it on our way to the really cool house built in 1951 at the Tyler historical homes tour.  It made me feel like it was Autumn when it was really just the start of Spring!  Lovely!!


I was about to take a road trip to Tyler for the weekend and had stopped into Dairy Queen to get an iced tea for the road.  I had already gotten into the car when I saw this bug hanging out on the columns which support the carport.  I quickly added my macro lens and snapped this interesting photo.


I tried to grow some basil and they were doing well for a while, as evidenced by this photo.  However, the wind knocked them down during a particularly blustery storm and they went kaput.  These died, but I started over again in the retaining wall of the carport.  I planted some more basil, but they're still germinating.    I also transplanted some thyme, lavender, and oregano so that the lettuce and spinach I've planted won't get eaten by bugs.  I've also planted sugar snap peas (they're sprouting ALREADY!  I planted them only six days ago!) cilantro, rosemary and cucumbers (they're sprouting, too).   Strangely, there are a few locations in the dirt which I'd previously planned to plant some veggies where plants are sprouting and I don't remember planting any seeds there!  I"ll try to remember to post photos so that y'all can help me identify what I have accidentally planted!


I have always loved this old green house.  It sits in the property next to the doughnut shop.  During some times of the year, pretty purple flowers bloom out front.  This place always makes me a little happier.  Dunno why, but there ya go.


I was leaving the church building one evening and I saw these mushrooms growing over in the grass over at the Baptist church.  I had to take pictures of the mushrooms.  It had been raining like crazy during the weeks before this photo was taken.  These mushrooms are HUGE, by the way.



When the dryer was on the fritz, we did laundry out on the circular line.



Wuthering Heights Park

I was in a terrible mood.  I had driven to an appt. in Houston ond then found out I was no longer eligible for travel pay.   I had to drive like the win to get to the Beaumont clinic cos I had an x-ray appt at 3:45.   When I got there (in time, believe it or not), I found out that they had canceled the appt because their machine was down--but they didn't call me!!!   I was just fully annoyed.  So, I left the clinic and was driving to the knitting shop on Dowlen.  Then I made a wrong turn. I was definitely Growling out loud.   In less than a mile, I was happy for the wrong turn cos passed a sign for 'Wuthering Heights Park."  I knew I HAD to stop, just to do a little re-focusing and getting rid of my anger.   The fuchsia flowers did it immediately.  I intended to find a bench which was facing the pretty flowers.  I started walking the path to find the right bench and ended up taking a nice walk, which helped me very much in releasing the bad feelings.  It was lovely.  I recommend it for all.
I love patterns in nature!
 patterns again!
 More patterns!

 I call this one "The Leaning Tower of Treeza."   Get it?
the azaleas were in full bloom

This tree looks like it stayed in Autumn!

The sign into the park.  This is exactly--well, along with the azaleas--what drew me into this park.


just beautiful!


Pop and his girl

02 April 2012


I don't know how I did this feat, but I've been trying to figure out  how to take photos which focus on the background instead of the foreground!
I know I've said it before now, but I love yellow flowers!