Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

02 November 2010


This is another accidental shot. I had my phone in my hand and I was turning over the tag to see what the price is for this huge wind-chime at the Ace Hardware. It was making beautiful noise and I desperately wanted it for our porch here at the house. Alas! It was $ 270. That isn't gonna happen for a long while. Anyway, as I was looking for the price, I accidentally took a picture of the wind-chimes from the bottom looking upward. It looked so cool that I had to make it the picture of the day!

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  1. I like your daily pictures. i don't quite manage to post mine, but it is such a nice way to remember what made an impression on us. Thanks for stoping by!