Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

30 January 2011


My car had been at Beau's house since Saturday. He was fixing the shocks and something else on both rear wheels. It was Friday--nearly a week later--when Marilyn called me to see if I was ready to go pick it up. So, Pop and I and snow hopped into her car and we drove down to Beau's house. He had gone above and beyond.
The dent had been pulled out although I still can't close the trunk. However, I'm so used to not being able to do it that it doesn't really bother me too much. He'd also noticed that I didn't have any hubcaps on the wheels on the driver side. When I went to pick up the car, I noticed that he'd put two Chevrolet hubcaps on my wheels. So, my car is looking pretty good. The bad news? I must have the left CV joint fixed soon. That'll cost another $200.00. Alan says I oughta scrap it, but there is no way I can afford another car at this point. So, I'll be nursing my boy along for a little while longer.

Anyway, the point of this picture. I was on the way home from picking up the car when I noticed how cool the sun was looking. I drove the car up to just the right point of the crossover and snapped this moment.

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