Well, I'm not a professional, by any means. I'm just someone who likes taking pictures, yeah? Before about 18DEC10, I was using my cell-phone to take pictures (3.1 mp). It did a pretty good job; however, for Christmas, I received a Kodak Easy Share which has 12 mp and take much nicer pictures. I'm saving this year, so that next Christmas I can buy myself a much better camera! :) I hope you enjoy my photos.

06 October 2010


Here are a few pictures from today. First thing in the morning, I went over to Marilyn's to pick up my paycheck. Since today was the funeral of a family member, no one had left the house yet. I walked into the house to find Alan--Pop's son-in-law--sitting in the comfy chair with his feet up and a sleeping Lily on his lap. I couldn't help snapping a picture of it. She is just too cute for words!
I haven't had as many "accident" shots lately, but today was an interesting one. When I took the picture, I was about to get a picture of an old friend I met today--Clint Brown; however, I pushed the button too early. Sometimes,that phone and I just don't get along! I was putting it up to my ear this morning when it slipped right outta my hand and onto my lip, giving me a--that's right, I had a fat lip today! It's all gone down to nothing by now, but I sure did have Julia Roberts' style lips there for a little while today.
And of course, the wind was blowing this morning and the flags which hang outside the Kountze Church of Christ were flapping and drawing my attention. I just had to get a picture of them and of the really pretty green and scarlet trees outside of the building.
There was an A-dorable baby there at Kountze today. I had another cool picture where he was JUST about to start smiling, but I accidentally erased it! :( Ahhh well, this one is cute, too, yeah?
And lastly, my ABSOLUTE favorite picture today is my great-nephew, Ryan Anthony, just moments after his momentous arrival out into fresh air! He looked like his lungs were working well in the picture (and that he might be a little cold!)
Isn't he beautiful? I love him already and I haven't even seen him in real life!
I can't wait to meet him and for each and every moment after that one.
Welcome to the world, Ryan Anthony! Great Aunt Loralee and God both love ya a lot! :) <3

1)Ryan Anthony, born at 4:25 p.m. after 30 hours of labor. He weighted 9 pounds and 2 ounces and is 20 and 3/4 inches long.

2) here is a little boy who is very cute, but not quite as cute as Ryan!

3) Pretty tree

4) Lovely Flag

5) Accident Shot

6) Opie and Lily!

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