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08 October 2010

Tuesday: The Browns

o/' o/' It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. o/' o/'
That song is especially true about the church. It is such a small world. Anywhere you go, you'll know someone who knows someone you know. It is almost always like you're in the middle of a family reunion!
Tuesday, I went to a Tuesday ladies' class at Kountze during their annual Gospel Meeting. It was there I had another one of those "It's a small world" happy meetings.
The guest preacher was Clint Brown! We went to Bible School together 14 or 15 years ago. Accompanying him were his wife and two boys. His wife also went to school with us, though she wasn't his wife at the time. They met at Brown Trail and became friends and grew into something "special-er." ha!
Anyway, it was lovely to see them and the following are pictures of our little bit of time together.

I must have been so excited about seeing these four that my camera phone was shaky. The results were certainly blurry, but I think even in that case you can see a nice, happy family. I sat in front of them during the lesson and was so pleased to hear their oldest boy singing out whilst we sang and turning bible pages when his daddy suggested we turn somewhere. It is just pretty obvious that these two are striving diligently to raise godly young men. :)

A reunion picture, of sorts. Me, Veronica, and Clint after a delicious chicken spaghetti meal made by the ladies of the congregation. The salad was FANTASTIC. It even had yellow bell peppers in it. The desserts were all home-made. I chose cherry pie.
But the best part of the meal was getting to catch up with Clint and Veronica!

The boys were adorable. The youngest is a bit of a pistol, yeah? For some reason, the boys and I were discussing words and I asked him what his favorite word was "Joshua" he said. I laughed, but sort of felt a connection to him. Often, I have smiled when I saw the name "Ford" on a truck in front of me or on that arena in Beaumont. We decided he had to choose a different favorite word, and he charmingly told us it was Brown! :)

Clint and I, smiling. :)

Another reunion picture: Isn't Veronica GORGEOUS? If I didn't know for certain that 15 years have passed since first we met, I'd certainly have thought she was still in her early 20's. :) and best of all, she has such a good and godly heart. I still remember a letter I received from her (i think upon my graduation from Brown Trail) thanking me for being the first single woman to go to that school. She considered me a trailblazer, of sorts, and was thankful that I had gone on ahead and smoothed the road for other single gals. I'm doubly sure she is thankful now because she met Clint at school!

The beautiful Brown Family in front of the Kountze building. Aren't they just lovely?!? :-)

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